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Starting in a night shift role working to strict guidelines to produce Direct Marketing for the Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest and Ulster Bank. I worked from either annotated pdfs or designers scamps. The role required a deep knowledge of print production and self reliance.

I moved to the Legal & General account in a satellite office for a position on days and I also served in a ‘fire brigade’ role moving to other sites on a ‘ad hoc’ basis when workloads dictated.

With the break up of the RBS group the WorldPay account was created and I was asked to step in to take on the role of producing all the artwork. The work is varied, covering everything from Direct Marketing to promotional one off items for internal use.

The role also requires some customer facing duties, such as taking briefs directly and discussing production requirements and timings. I am also responsible for the flow of work through the office including booking jobs in, releasing work for approval, despatch to printers and archiving of completed work.


AGI Solutions / TM Limited, Nov 2000 – March 2007



A varied role that required a broad knowledge of Pre-press and Printing. Progressing through various roles from art working, running the studio, training staff and technical support.

I was seconded by the development team so that I could help develop bespoke plug-ins/extensions for the automated processes we were creating in house. This included beta testing development builds of software, analysing the results and making recommendations.

Due to my experience with the software, I became responsible for ensuring all members of production staff are kept up to date with changes in procedure and software as result of the automation. To support this I produced  in house manuals and documentation.

As a major client moved all their production files to InDesign I was tasked with setting up a training course to ensure operators are conversant with InDesign. While Team Leader for Point of Sale and Special Packaging I assisted in the roll out of these new processes across both our production sites in London.

Sample documentation for special packaging special_packaging.pdf (17.5Mb)

Early Career

Various positions in Derby.

• Designing brochures, leaflets and flyers for local businesses and organisations.
• Gained modern qualifications in DTP and AutoCAD.
• Produced artwork for a local magazine.
• Producing films for confectionary packaging and gift wrapping paper.
• Film separations for personalised cheque books from High Street Banks.
• Tickets for National Express Coaches and other forms of security printing.
• Dark Room practice, generating half tones, reversals and bromides.
• Production of local free news papers.