About me

During my career I have moved from digital reproduction operator to team leader, operational support, beta testing software and workflows and all points in between.

I have lead teams, built teams and managed changes in workflows and technology, bringing staff up to speed and motivating them to adapt to new ways of working. I am an organised, motivated, and confident individual, who is able to work well as a team member as well as on my own initiative.

I am creative and innovative, with the ability to find solutions and adapt to challenges as they occur. Thinking around a situation can be as effective as thinking through it.

Put a job in front of me and I’ll do it.

Key Skills
• Over twenty years experience in many sectors of prepress
• Determined and decisive; uses initiative to develop effective solutions to problems
• Able to build and lead teams
• Analyse, and where needed, document processes and procedures
• Methodical approach to planning and organising through good time management
• Detailed and precise; fastidious and thorough; consistent
• Decisive and results-driven; creative problem-solver

Major Achievements
• Setting up a training scheme for all operators to convert to InDesign
• Successfully integrating and mentoring new members of staff
• Guiding operators through software transitions such as OS X
• Generating work by meeting client expectations


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